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The us Military, Navy and Air Power, as well as the Royal Canadian Air Power, en­tertained musically at Additional hints Carnegie Hall final night in honor of Armed Forces 7 days, which is now becoming celebrated.

It had been the third yr the North American Defense Com­mand, an integrated Canadian­United states of america group, has brought its “Cavalcade of Audio” towards the corridor. The Norad Band and also the Aradcom Choral Group had been the principal at­tractions.

Lieut. Col. Mark Azzonina was the principal conductor, and he made available a wide variety of fare, with the assistance of soloists from his organization and guests.

Among the many company were being How­ard Cable, Canadian composer­conductor, who led the Azzolina­Cable “Shield of Independence” March, and Norman Dello Joio, American composer, who con­ducted his own “Variants over a Medieval Tune.”

The chorale sang excerpts from “West Side Story,” an “Alleluia” by Jean Berger, and also other performs. Several different marches and also other acceptable airs were given via the band.

The complete cavalcade plays in the Singer Bowl at the entire world's Truthful on Sunday.

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